Vocational and Professional Programmes (VPET)


Dr Mario Cardona
Deputy Principal VPET
(Arts and Social Sciences)

Dr Mario Cardona graduated with a B.Ed. (Hons.) in History and Early and Middle Years from the University of Malta. He subsequently focused on adult education and training, and community development, with a Laurea from Roma Tre University, a M.Ed. from the University of Malta and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. He has an academic and professional interest in adult education and training, community education and development, co-operatives, VET, visual and performing arts, and issues related to education and social justice. He participates in European policy fora and has published books and papers related to his area of expertise. He carries out voluntary work in a rural co-operative at Manikata and in a community-based music school at Qormi.


Institute of Business Management and Commerce
Institute for the Creative Arts
Institute of Community Service
Gozo Campus
E&T Programmes Including CLE, Key Skills, and CSR
Relations with Government Entities

Vocational and Professional Programmes (VPET)


Mr Ronald Curmi
Deputy Principal
VPET (Technology and Applied Sciences)

Mr Ronald Curmi’s professional career started in the Industrial and Consumer Electronics industry occupying both managerial and directorship posts until in 2001 he joined the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology as Deputy Director of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (now the Institute of Engineering and Transport). Mr Curmi started his teaching career in 1995 at the Fellenberg Training Centre for Industrial Electronics lecturing Power Electronics and Computer Engineering and continued lecturing various subjects related to the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at MCAST until 2014. He has led and participated in various projects linked to vocational education and training and engineering education research. He also holds the post of Accountable Manager of the MCAST Aviation Maintenance Training Centre since 2007. He holds a Fellenberg Diploma in Industrial Electronics and a Master`s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Leicester. His research interests focus mainly on Engineering Education and Quality Assurance.


Institute of Engineering and Transport

Institute of Information And Communication Technology

Institute of Applied Sciences

Outreach and Student Affairs including Inclusive Education

Accountable Manager AMTC

Relations with DGVT

ERASMUS Projects and Mobility