Why Choose MCAST?

The Malta College of Art, Science and Technology offers a learning environment that connects you directly to the real world. Through a broad array of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, you will be provided with the knowledge and skills sought after by the international job market.

Academic experts and industry players come together to share their expertise and support you in your chosen field.  As a higher education institution, MCAST has been awarded self-accrediting status by the Malta National Commission for Higher and Further Education. Studying at MCAST will give you access to high-quality degrees that are internationally recognized, and in line with the European Qualifications Framework.

Benefit from Flexible Study Programmes
Applications for Flexible Study programmes are open all year round, with various entry points throughout the year, which are catered for according to demand.

Full-time October intake programmes   

Applications for international applicants open in January 2023. The deadline for applications is June 2023. Students are requested to apply online through our portal. 


Why Malta?

Your Gateway to Europe
Malta is a beautiful island set in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, bathed in 300 days of sunshine each year, boasting a unique millennial history, many world heritage sites and plenty of sporting and social activities.

Malta is only around 100 km away from mainland Europe, to which it is linked via air and sea. The Malta International Airport offers easy and affordable access through connections to most major cities across Europe and beyond.

With English as one of its official languages and its place within the EU community, Malta attracts countless students, business people, and tourists from around the globe every year.

Malta is one of Europe’s best performing economies, offering plenty of graduate employment opportunities. MCAST’s specialised graduates are quick to find employment even whilst undergoing their studies.

The attractions of studying in the heart of Europe, together with the value of high quality education and excellent career prospects, make Malta a trulyEmployability exciting and unique experience for all students.