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Since its inception In July 2018, the MCAST Grievance Office welcomed many students and staff who wanted to make use of its support services. The main objective of the MCAST Grievance Office is to provide all MCAST full-time and part-time students and staff with a structured support and point of reference when they encounter situations involving disagreements, disputes or when they feel that they are not treated fairly.

Policy of the MCAST Grievance Office

The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) spares no effort to ensure that all its community members, including full-time and part-time students and staff, operate in a conducive environment where they can live together guided by sound values of inclusion and respect in the light of social and cultural diversity.

In any human community, there are incidences of disagreement, when individuals or groups feel the need of voicing a divergent opinion, dispute decisions or distance themselves from sharing their community’s ideals due to lack of self-confidence in obtaining their entitlements. Conflicts may lead to many other problems, including increased liabilities, negative publicity, and possibly lawsuits. A positive approach when handling concerns and complaints results in a better culture on MCAST Campus, where students and staff are the major beneficiaries of a more harmonious and authentic community spirit.

The scope for establishing the MCAST ‘Grievance Office’ is to address such issues. This office has the role of assisting MCAST students and staff to share and obtain advice about their concerns, complaints and grievances. The ‘Grievance Office’ seeks, above all, to promote and facilitate a culture of truthful dialogue in obtaining a solution for minor disagreements at source. Whenever it is necessary, the Deputy Principal responsible for the Grievance Office guides the complainant and the other party to reach an informal resolution to the satisfaction of all concerned. In cases of a more serious nature, the complainant is entitled to opt for a formal grievance procedure, where the Deputy Principal responsible for the Grievance Office investigates the grievance until a fair solution is reached.

This policy aims to ensure that problems among the MCAST community are dealt with in a timely manner, fairly and consistently. The same grievance procedure – for both students and staff – is in place. Their provision enhances the transparency of the entire process.


Any grievance presented to the MCAST ‘Grievance Office’ under the formal procedure must be in writing on Form ‘A’. The Grievance Form, which is the same for both students and staff, is distributed electronically to all students and staff at the start of an academic year. It is also available from this web portal or directly from the MCAST Grievance Office. Only one grievance procedure may be employed for the same grievance.

The MCAST Grievance Office is totally committed to the investigation of any grievance impartially, while priority is given to the communication of the Grievance Office’s recommendations within realistic time frames throughout the process

The provision of the Grievance Procedure enhances the transparency of the entire process. The ‘Grievance Office’ provides additional support for vulnerable MCAST members who may need more guidance in their individual circumstances.

The Principal has the right to take the final decision in disciplinary matters or in cases that may lead to the termination of a student’s stay at MCAST or an employee’s termination of employment.

Opening hours of the MCAST Grievance Office

The MCAST Grievance Office opens as shown hereunder:

  • Monday 1.30 pm – 5 pm
  • Tuesday 7.45 am – 12.30 pm
  • Wednesday Closed
  • Thursday 7.45 am – 12.30 pm
  • Friday 9.30 am – 3 pm


MCAST students and staff, and guests may contact the Deputy Principal responsible for the Grievance Office on any one of the following contacts:

 icon-phone-square  +356 23987130


All students and staff are welcome to utilise the services available at the MCAST Grievance Office. In case you may need to contact the Deputy Principal Grievance Office outside the official opening hours, you may do so by sending an email or calling him, as indicated above. All meetings require an appointment.