Centre for Learning and Employability

The Centre for Learning and Employability (CLE) supports students across MCAST with one-to-one support and small-group mentoring.

Learners also receive the necessary academic support to acquire basic skills in English, Maltese, Mathematics, and other key skills. This is achieved through different teaching and learning strategies, to help learners become more autonomous and independent as they progress to higher levels.

Support in the form of weekly sessions is available upon demand, wherein learners receive the assistance required in specific literacy skills, speaking, reading, writing practice, coaching in the planning of assignments and other coursework, and guidance on how to manage studies.

Contact details:

icon-phone-square +356 23987518 
icon-envelope cle@mcast.edu.mt

Centre for Learning and Employability is responsible for

  1. ALP+
  3. College for the 3rd Age
  4. Dissertation Support
  5. Employability & Learning to Learn Workshops
  6. English as a Foreign Language
  7. Extra Support in academic units (MQF level 3 and above)
  8. Foreign Language Courses for Staff and Students
  9. Partner schools
  10. Preventive Classes
  11. Research Support