Inclusive Education Unit (IEU)

MCAST aims to create an inclusive environment where learners receive the educational support required to develop their full potential. Students with particular needs or disabilities (including dyslexia, autism, visual/hearing impairment etc.) are registered with the IEU through an online application followed by a meeting to discuss their needs further. IEU services are spread over all levels and institutes, reaching out to all IEU students.

Services include:

  • Access Arrangements (e.g. extra time, reader) *
  • Individual LSE Support Sessions in Maltese, Maths,
  • English and General Support *
  • In-Class LSE Support Sessions (Intro A to Level 3 depending on the group abilities) *
  • MAP Sessions to identify students’ challenges and

Support Required 

  • Orientation Tours for students to familiarise themselves with the campus (particularly for anxiety, autism and orientation-related needs)
  • Peer Preparation Sessions to foster classmates’ respect and encourage support *
  • Multi-disciplinary support through liaison with other support services.
  • Transport for mobility-impaired students
  • Personal Assistants for students with considerable motor skills difficulties
  • Student Needs Notification to the respective management and lecturing staff
  • Reasonable Accommodation on a case-by-case basis

Available both on-campus and online documents required for IEU registration

(applicable ones only):

  • Psychological Report
  • Occupational Therapy Report
  • Medical Evidence
  • MATSEC / ADSC Confirmation Letter regarding access arrangements
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)

To start your IEU registration process, please complete the form below, and we will contact you back:

Inclusive Education Unit Application Form

A: Inclusive Education Unit, MCAST Main Campus, Paola, PLA 9032
T: 2398 7237 / 7324 / 7127