MCAST Aviation Department holds Aviation Courses Sectorial Meeting

May 10, 2024 Communications

As part of the Encounter Meets the Industry series, the Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) held the Aviation Operations and Logistics Sectorial Committee meeting on campus in Paola. MCAST constantly ensures that industry expertise and feedback inform course design and delivery to ensure that learning stays relevant to the needs of employees and employers.

The main objective of this initiative was to ignite a discussion on the industry relevance of aviation courses provided by the College and ensure that the programmes on offer are aligned with the needs of the local aviation industry.

Major stakeholders from the Aviation industry attended and participated in the event. These included representatives from the local aviation industry, academics, students, and significant logistic players.

Institute Director Stephen Sammut spoke about the Institute’s progress across different sectors, offering student opportunities at different levels. The Aviation, Transportation & Logistics Department at MCAST offers a variety of aviation courses, ranging from Level 2 certificates up to Level 7 Master Degree. The department currently hosts more than 200 students following full-time courses.

Director Stephen Sammut

During the event, Deputy Director of the Institute of Engineering and Transport Ing Roberto Tiscio said, “As a College and Department, we are committed to ensuring the industry relevance of our courses. Building a strong relationship with industry partners allows us to work with them to ensure fruitful and rewarding careers for MCAST graduates within the aviation sector.”

Ing Roberto Tiscio

MCAST representatives presented new ideas for improving current aviation courses during the event. At the same time, participants provided feedback on current trends and the future needs of major players within this sector. Aerospace Engineering Senior Lecturer Dr Leonardo Barilaro presented the Astrobeat project – an exciting space mission project and the first of its kind for the College. The project proposes for the first time the investigation of the cold-welding phenomenon for use in spacecraft hull repair following a hypervelocity impact by space debris. An experimental test rig will be tested and qualified at TRL 6 on the International Space Station, thanks to an environment providing for an extended period of time micro-gravity conditions.

Dr Leonardo Barilaro

Students who attended the event had the opportunity to explore what kind of skills are relevant within this industry. Moreover, the event exposed students to available careers once they finish their educational journey at the college.

Applicants interested in aviation courses at MCAST’s Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) can follow this link to learn more about eligibility criteria, courses on offer, and the application procedure.