The Central Bank of Malta Governor Addresses Students at MCAST

November 2, 2023 Communications

The Central Bank of Malta Governor, Professor Edward Scicluna visited the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) where he addressed the students of the Institute of Business Management & Commerce (IBMC) and explained the role of the Central Bank of Malta both as part of the European System of Central Bank as well as nationally. He also answered several questions raised by the audience.

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The Governor was welcomed by the Principal and CEO of MCAST, Professor Joachim James Calleja. During the visit, Professor Scicluna opened an exhibition entitled ‘Coinage in Malta – 2,500-year history’ held at the IBMC foyer. The Governor also presented a commemorative coin to the Institute.

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In his comments, Governor Scicluna stated, “It’s important that the Central Bank listens to and engages with young people.”

The Principal and CEO of MCAST Professor Joachim James Calleja also stated that “it is truly a pleasure to welcome Professor Edward Scicluna to MCAST. Professor Scicluna has been a Governor of this College when MCAST was set up in 2000. He supports work-based learning and engages MCAST students at the Central bank on a regular basis. It is this direct experience on work places that makes MCAST a special place to learn and to work. Many of our students appreciate the opportunity to work and study at the Central Bank. Engaging apprentices is an investment for employers in the private and the public sectors”.

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MCAST has been training students for the local industry for over 20 years, with hundreds of graduates annually embarking on their respective career paths.

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IBMC, with over 1,300 students attending full-time courses, is one of the largest institutes within our Community College. The IBMC offers programmes in management, marketing, accountancy, financial services and other business-related subjects.

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