The New MCAST Brand

The new MCAST branding reflects the ongoing growth of a vocational college in the 21st century that knows its roots in the period of the Knights of St John. The new emblem captures the eclectic nature of the College and the oldest form of learning: “learning by doing”It is designed to embrace and acknowledge the past, present and the future of this unique College. The chronological sense of the development of technical, vocational, and professional education and training in Malta is enshrined in the Latin motto scientia et labore (knowledge and work). This same motto pertained to the former Technical Institute to which it was added the official name Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology given to the College in the late 1960s the circled letters symbolising the entire activity of a distinctive education and training institution. The spherical shape of the logo represents lifelong learning, while the prominent design in the middle expresses a hand and a quill that act – a combination of wisdom, creativity, and achievement. The quill symbolises the arts while the ruler represents the sciences in different forms. The minor symbols in the new emblem refer to the pillars on which the College is built upon – a service to the Maltese Nation and its community with a creative dimension as well as an innovative technological perspective. Our design inspiration has been a stone shield engraved in the MCAST building which pertained to the Technical Institute now housing the College’s administration.

Who we are
At MCAST, we strive to provide accessible professional education and training that responds to the needs of the individual and the economy. Over 20 years, we have continued to develop as a centre of excellence in vocational education and training.

Our brand identity helps communicate who we are and what we stand for. It enables us to tell the MCAST story where the student is at the centre and community matters. Across all media, our communication should be clear and authentic. It should serve to showcase the MCAST experience, particularly to aspiring students.

Inspiration is at the heart of our community of creators and innovators. The material we create should be original and seek to inspire. MCAST is the start of a lifelong journey of learning where students are prepared for future challenges. We have powerful stories to tell about how the College has shaped the lives of thousands of learners.

MCAST – Designed to shape our future.

Using the brand guidelines
The brand guidelines will help anyone at MCAST who communicates on behalf of the College to follow basic principles, maintain the required standard and access resources.

It will guide all those working on campaigns to maintain a consistent visual identity and tone of voice. These guidelines should not restrict new ideas. Instead, they should help you to create engaging communication with a clear identity.

Download Brand Guidelines PDF