Library Services

The Library and Learning Resource Centre (LLRC) offers a variety of useful information resources and technologies.  Support in accessing and using these resources is provided through various library services, namely:

  • Circulation – registering of users, answering to queries, borrowing, returning and renewing of library items, and paying fines.
  • Online Library Catalogue
  • Online library resources
  • Library instruction and tours
  • Library updates through MCAST Libraries facebook page.
  • Short guideline videos through MCAST LLRC YouTube channel.
  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Binding
  • Computing and wireless access to internet
  • Support to students with difficulties


Circulation refers to a number of facilities related to accessing library items.

  • Registering of users – You can register with the library by filling in a registration form which can be accessed from here. Once registration is validated by library staff, then one can access and use the library resources and services.
  • Answering to queries relating to any of the library information resources and services.
  • Borrowing – Finding and checking out items from the four MCAST libraries, loan periods, regulations regarding returns, renewals that apply for different library users, and applicable fines for overdue library items.
  • Finding items in the library – First search for the library item required on the Library catalogue. After clicking on the title of the item, take note of the Dewey Code number, the first three letters of the author’s surname, location details (library and shelf) and status of the item.  If the status of the item required indicates that it is on loan, you can reserve it (once you have activated your online My Library Account).  Once the item is returned, it is held at the circulation desk for a week and notified via email.  Borrowing entitlements are normally, as per table below:

Type of Library Users

No of Library Items

  Levels 1-3 students   4
  Levels 4-8 students   5
  Academic /Administrative staff   6
  • Checking library items out – Students should present their student card (unless it has not as yet been issued and therefore present their ID card/Passport), while academic/administrative staff, their ID card/Passport at the circulation desk. Library staff will validate your library account, record the loan, and date stamp the library item to be borrowed.
  • Loan periods – these are normally as per table below. However, the loaning period may vary, depending on type of library user (staff vs student) and library location (main campus vs offsite).

Staff may apply for a special account which will entitle them to a 3-month loaning period.  Approval of this account is at the discretion of the library Director.

Item Type

Loan Period

A-V Material (Subject) 1 Week
A-V material (Films – lecturers/staff only) 3 Days
Books 3 Weeks
Dissertations (consulted on-premises)
Periodicals (magazines) 1 Week
Games & Toys 1 Week
  • Returns – Items may be returned to any of the four MCAST libraries during opening hours, irrespective of from where they were borrowed. Library Staff will then return them to their respective library.
  • Renewals – Renewing an item will extend the item’s due date. This can be done, either personally at the circulation desk or online through My Library Account. Online renewal can only be done twice.  If you need to renew the library item further, you must bring the borrowed item to the library, for library staff to renew it.  Please note that not all library items can be renewed online.  For renewal rules and guidelines on how to do it, visit the Reservation and Renewal Rules web page under My Library Account or the Search Tips web page.
  • Fines – Two days prior to the due date of a library item, an email is sent (to your MCAST e-mail account) as a reminder. Notification of any overdue items and fines incurred is also sent via email. This information can also be accessed through My Library Account.  A fine of €0.12 (twelve Euro cents) per day is incurred on failure to return the library item to the Library by the official return date.  Fines continue to accrue but, the maximum fine amount payable is €25.00 per library item.  Lost items are charged at the equivalent of the replacement cost.  Fines and replacement fees can be paid in cash or by cheque, addressed to MCAST.

Online library catalogue

Library information resources can be located through the OPAC, that is, the Online Public Access Catalogue or, in other words the library catalogue.  This is an online database of all the physical resources (such as books, magazines, CD-ROMs, games and toys, etc.) held by the library.  Therefore, it should be the first place to search when you are researching, as this will help you to pin point the relevant resources held by the library.  The library catalogue is web-based and will only work if you have internet access.

The library catalogue provides you with a number of search facilities, namely Simple search; Advanced search which helps you to narrow down your search and eliminate irrelevant resources; or Author search.

Online library resources

Besides the physical resources on the shelves, the library provides access to a number of e-journal articles and e-books, namely EBSCO Academic Search Ultimate and EBSCOhost eBook Collection, Emerald, IEEE Xplore, Weblinks Online, and ProQuest Ebook Central.  For information and access to these resources visit the Electronic Library Resources webpage.

Library instruction and tours

The library aims at helping users become more skilled at identifying, locating, and accessing print and electronic information resources on the premises and beyond.  Thus, at the start of each academic year, short orientation sessions/library tours are held for freshers in all MCAST libraries; main and offsite.  During these sessions/tours one is given general information about the library and the services it offers, and a brief introduction to the online library catalogue (OPAC), My Library Account, journals and databases.

Training sessions on the use of OPAC and the online journals and databases are also offered on request by individuals and lecturers throughout the whole year.  For booking a session please email us at


Subject to copyright restrictions, black and white photocopying facilities are available in most libraries, but colour is only available in the Main campus library, Paola and the Institute for The Creative Arts library, Mosta.   Photocopying is done through a card operated photocopier.  Cards can be purchased at the circulation/help desk at a cost of:

  • New Card (deposit of €2.50 + €2.50 for a number of copies, depending on the paper size used) – €5.00
  • Re-Charged Card – €2.50

Every time photocopying is done, a fee per page, stipulated in the table below, is deducted from the card.  Once the €2.50 is used, a re-charged card is bought.




A4 A3
Black & White €0.05 €0.10
Colour €0.25  €0.50

The card deposit is refundable once the card is returned to the library.


Printing is available in all MCAST libraries.   At the Main campus library, Paola, this is done using the above-mentioned card.  At the Centre of Agriculture, Aquatics, and Animal Sciences library, Qormi a printing account is created.  This account works like debit cards: first money must be deposited into the account, and then printing fees are deducted from that amount as the account is used. Additional money can be added to the account as required. Printing from laptops, at present, is not possible as no wireless printing is available.  Printing costs are as follows:




A4 A3
Black & White €0.05 €0.10
Colour €0.25  €0.50

Colour printing is only available in the Main campus library, Paola and the Institute of The Creative Arts library, Mosta.


Scanning which is free of charge, is done through the photocopier (providing photocopying, printing and scanning facilities) and sent to a computer.


Plastic spiral binding is available to students for study-related material at the Institute for the Creative Arts library in Mosta.  The charges are as follows:

No of Pages


Up to 50 pages €1.00
More Than 50 Pages €1.50

Computing and wireless access to internet

Access to computing facilities is available in all libraries.  In the main campus library and in some of the other offsite libraries, login details are required.  These details are supplied by the IT department.  Computers are mainly for the use of the preparation of assignments, email communication, and online research.

Support to students with difficulties

MCAST library is committed to ensuring that all students can make full use of our services and facilities.  If you need:

  • Longer book loans – we can arrange for your library loans to be extended.
  • Borrowing of library materials (books, magazines, etc.) from a different MCAST library – you can ask to pick up the materials from any chosen library.
  • Fetching service – materials can be collected from the shelves for you, ready for collection at the library help/circulation desk.
  • Identifying materials in the library, and how to renew and reserve them – we have developed specific guidelines to help you through the process.
  • Accessing online resources (such as journal articles and ebooks) – you can view the step-by-step guidelines.
  • Familiarise yourself with the library’s facilities and services – you can ask the library staff for an individual tour of the library, and a session on the resources available to you.
  • Specific study space requirements – we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • Access to assistive technologies – we have installed the Read&Write software on some of the computers.  It is a literacy support tool that offers help, like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments, and proofing written work.
  • All libraries are accessible by wheelchair.

For any queries or information, you can ask any of the library staff or send an email at


Last updated:  22nd June 2023