I participated in an Erasmus+ Mobility Programme Higher Education Level, which started on the 31st July 2017 till the 6th October 2017, amounting to 3 months. The mobility took place at Urban MBA, which is located in the United Kingdom.

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This experience has taught me a lot about the Marketing industry and I feel much more prepared to enter the industry. I have learnt a great deal about digital marketing, such as trend marketing, using content tailored to the target audience to improve exposure and the importance of ensuring that it is all visually appealing. A substantial part of my job, involved me using different social media accounts to promote the company and keep its followers updated on what is trending.

I have also enjoyed this experience since it gave me the opportunity to perform a variety of different tasks such as conducting interviews, directing videos and working (alongside web and graphic designers) to create promotional content. I feel that this experience helped me develop my skills and prepare myself for an actual career in marketing.