Fundraising activities by the College Community

May 6, 2024 Communications

Staff and student fundraising activities at MCAST are important because they can foster a culture of social responsibility and support the college’s mission of preparing students for meaningful contributions to society. Over the past weeks, several fundraising activities have taken place on campus, showing the community’s enthusiasm for uniting in aid of good causes.


On 2 May, MCAST Principal and CEO Joachim James Calleja presented a € 1030 donation on behalf of MCAST staff members, a testament to the collective effort of the MCAST community in supporting Thiago’s Journey. This donation was collected through staff community social responsibility activities, namely Ftira Day and Easter raffle  held at MCAST in March, highlighting the power of community engagement in making a positive impact.

Thiago was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder that gradually weakens the body’s muscles. Costs for new treatments, medications, equipment, and ongoing care are significant and fund-raising activities can help make a difference in the face of all the challenges.

In another fundraising activity held in April, Inclusive Education students from the Institute of Community Services organised a bake sale in aid of Dar Bjorn. Founder Bjorn Formosa visited the activity and thanked staff and students for their efforts to help the organisation, which runs a neurological home in Malta, founded in 2017. It provides 24/7 nursing care and specialised treatment for individuals with severe neurological conditions, such as ALS and MS.