KampuSajf – Night 3 – Jes Psaila Hinge Project & Sean Borg (Opening Act)

August 27, 2023 CSREvents

Jes Psaila – Hinge Project:
Following a self-titled solo album launched in March 2014, and the live performance recording of DUOs in April 2017, guitarist Jes Psaila’s current endeavour is the Hinge Project. Recorded in October 2019 at Temple Studios, the album stylistically tends towards cross-over jazz and is made up of seven instrumental tracks. Working on this project are Mark Attard on piano & keyboards, Luke Briffa on drums & percussion and André Micallef on bass guitar, each offering their individual seasoned sound to the guitarist’s original compositions. The album’s artwork is in the accomplished hands of Vince Briffa and Glen Calleja.

Sean Borg
Although Sean Borg is a familiar face in the local music scene, he is a newcomer in the world of singer-songwriters. Feeling compelled to start writing in Maltese after falling in love with the band ‘Brodu’, over the past two years, Sean has been passionately engaged in composing, performing and recording his music in the Maltese language.