KampuSajf – Night 2 – Etikett AI

August 26, 2023 CSREvents

Teatru Malta
Teatru Malta is your national theater company, established in 2016. We transcend the traditional confines of theater. Our offices are based at MCAST, yet our reach extends across Malta and Gozo, with no specific theater we call home. We create theater on salt pans, gardens, houses, on campus, in community or baroque theaters. We collaborate with a diverse range of theater makers and artists from different backgrounds, schools and styles, rather than maintaining a fixed ensemble. Under the artistic direction of Sean Buhagiar, our mission is to create impactful and meaningful artistic experiences that give rise to unforgettable moments of shared imagination, captivating existing audiences while captivating new ones.

In the tapestry of our touring repertoire lies Etikett, a collaborative project with MOVEO Dance Company. Originally directed by Simone Ellul, this innovative venture debuted in 2022 as an improvisational dance-theater performance centered around a table. Following a successful collaboration with Heritage Malta on Valentine’s Day, Etikett makes its return, this time as Etikett AI for KampusSajf. In this evolved iteration, performers will intertwine their improvised artistry with AI-driven cues, diverging from the original show’s reliance on audience input.
For more information, please explore our offerings at www.teatrumalta.org.mt.

Moveo Dance Company
Established in 2008 by Artistic Director Dorian Mallia, Moveo Dance Company is renowned for its acclaimed global productions and varied contemporary repertoire.

Diane Portelli, co-director of Moveo Dance Company since 2016, this time will be directing the successful touring piece Etikett, a collaborative project with Teatru Malta. Etikett makes its return, this time as Etikett AI. This will be a captivating journey where human creativity and technology collide. Step into the world of improvisation redefined, exclusively during KampuSajf at MCAST.
For more information, view our website at https://www.moveodancecompany.com