KampuSajf – Night 1 – Zizza u Maria

August 25, 2023 CSREvents

Zizza u Maria – A project covering songs from local alternative bands and musicians such as Plato’s Dream Machine, Konroll and Brikkuni to push the idea of Maltese repertoire by Brodu’s own frontman Zizza and Maria Sammut.

This duo was formed with the intention of playing contemporary Maltese songs on the road, or wherever there is a need. The idea is to share records, not usually played on the radio, and that normally remain secret between musicians and their friends to streetwalkers. Maria was born in the 90s, when Mark was already well nurtured in music, both in the church groups playing the guitar and from learning how to rhythm from his father. Mark was born in the 80s when Maria was still unborn, but her mother’s desire to send her to play the piano had already sprouted. They choose to play records from the near past, from the beginning of the turn of the century to the present.