Seminar 3 – Tourism & Sustainability (Interreg Project MEN)

April 21, 2023 CSREvents

MCAST organised a seminar related to Tourism & Sustainability as part of the Excellent Mediterranean Net (MEN) Interreg Italia-Malta project. The project is aiming to achieve the objective of promotion of cross border work mobility between Italy and Malta.

The main speakers during this six hour seminar were:
Dr. Alfred Quintano (Consultant – Aviation & Tourism)
Dr. Viviana Premazzi (Founder & Director, GMD Malta)
Ms. Eleni Tsitsirigou (Lecturer, ARIC MCAST)
Mr. Leslie Vella (CEO, Visit Malta)
Ms. Carmelina Frendo (Senior Lecturer, IBMC MCAST)
Ms. Pelin Uner (EIT Researcher, ARIC MCAST)
Ms. Anna Privitera (Project Manager – MEN, Municipality of Acireale)
Mr. Richard Curmi (MEN Project Leader | Director CSR & Events, MCAST)

The seminar focused primarily on the origins of ‘sustainability’ and its relevance to the Tourism industry, where the critical responsibility of managing sustainable tourism was discussed in detail. Capacity building and community engagement in innovative tourism initiatives were also explained. This clarified the links between tourism and cultural heritage. Finally, the tourism related challenges faced locally when considering high densities and specific priorities of a small island were discussed and explained.