Seminar 1 – Blue Economy (MEN Interreg Project)

February 3, 2023 CSREvents

First Excellent Mediterranean Net Project Seminar held at MCAST


The Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST) held the ‘Blue Economy’ Seminar on campus in Paola.

The seminar was organised under Interreg Italia-Malta Project MEN (Excellent Mediterranean Net). ‘Blue Economy’ was the first seminar out of the six seminars committed under the project that covers various sectors, including Environment Protection, Health and Quality of Life, and Services for Sustainable Tourism.

As a project partner, the College receives 40 Italian interns for a 6-month mobility each year.

The ‘Blue Economy’ seminar, provided attending MCAST students with knowledge on the importance of cross-border work mobility through stable networks by listening to the key expert speakers and understanding the experiences of Italian interns who are undertaking these work mobilities in Malta.

The main objective of the Interreg Italia-Malta Project MEN is to generate knowledge on the Italian and Maltese labor market and establish a cross-border network to support the supply and demand of employment opportunities within the main sectors included in the project.

Other Italian project partners include Municipality of Acireale, as the acting lead partner, ITS Archimede, ITS Steve Jobs, Itaca, GAL terre di Aci, and ITS Mobilita Transporti.

The speakers during this Seminar were:

Mr. Richard Curmi [MEN Project Leader / MCAST Director CSR & Events]

Dr. John Bartolo [MCAST Director of Student Support Services]

Ms. Alexia Massa Gallucci [Marine and Fisheries Consultant, Co-founder of Blue EcoTech Ltd.]

Ms. Patrizia Patti [Founder EcoMarine Malta]

Mr. Juan Jose Bonello [Senior Lecturer from IAS]

Ms. Kimberly Terribile [Lecturer, CAAAS MCAST]

Dr. Sarah Camilleri [Senior Research Officer of ARIC]

Mr. Karl Cutajar [PhD student at University of Stirling]