MCAST statement on Investigative Report dated 5 March 2019

June 1, 2022 Communications

Further to the publication of the Investigation Report dated 5th March 2019, chaired by Mr Paul Bonello and comments made in the media, the following MCAST statement provides a factual summary of the issues relating to this report.

We recognise that this matter has caused deep concern for members of our community and that MCAST’s position should be made clear.

The Bonello report was completed in March 2019, and the allegations relate to incidents alleged to have occurred at the College before 1st June 2018. A number of allegations have also been deemed unfounded/untrue by the same Bonello report, which include; certain acts of bribery and corruption allegations by certain MCAST current and ex-officials, double payments to certain MCAST employees and unfounded allegations of payment to employees who never reported to work.

Prior to the recommendation by the Bonello Report, the College had already embarked on an extensive restructuring of administration, in particular, the Finance and the Human Resources Departments. Both Departments work under a Deputy Principal and new directorship and personnel introducing enhanced controls in all processes.

Today, the College is governed by detailed procedures and mechanisms that regulate activities at all levels and in all sectors. As far as the College is aware, no such incidents have repeated themselves since 2018. MCAST took several immediate actions to strengthen policies and processes and ensure the integrity of all its programmes going forward. A restructuring of all units took place.

The Pathway Programme was, in fact, immediately closed after the result of the investigation in May 2017. A new unit was set up for inclusive education and another for learning support with new management and teaching staff. The College was adamant that all community members can work and learn together, guided by sound values of inclusion, respect and accountability.

After June 2018, MCAST also set up a Grievance Office as an immediate commitment to provide students and staff with structured support and point of reference when they encounter situations involving disagreements, disputes or when they feel that they are not treated fairly.

External and internal audits are ongoing to ensure effective, informed, and thorough internal controls to prevent misconduct or abuse of power.

We will continue to strengthen, wherever necessary, our policies and procedures. As a College, we are committed to upholding our reputation as a College of excellence as a result of the sterling work of over 1500 staff members.

Our College takes the violation of rules and regulations very seriously. We are strongly committed to updating the proper controls and collaborating with authorities for the safety and well-being of our growing community.