Celebrating Women at the College and beyond

March 8, 2022 Communications

International Women’s Day marks a call to accelerate women’s equality MCAST is celebrating International Women’s Day through several initiatives. The College ensures that the environment and education provided are accessible to all where each student and staff member is safe and comfortable and reaches their full potential. The recently published equality policy is a significant step in championing equality across the community.

Discover our equality policy and initiatives:

The many vital roles women have today in our society and the positive impact on our daily lives. Unfortunately, not all women celebrate the day with such aspirations, as many still struggle silently on their own.

The Institute of Community Services (ICS) has reached out to numerous NGOs that constantly support women facing hardship. We’re treating women giving complimentary hair and beauty treatments at the MCAST Hair & Beauty Salon between 7 and 10 March.  This is an opportunity to give visibility to our commitment to equality and inclusion.

ICS is collaborating with several NGOs including Dar Merħba Bik, Dar il-Wens, Aġenzija Sapport, YMCA, Soar, Djakonija Marsaskala, St Jeanne Antide Foundation, Suret il-Bniedem, Down Syndrome Association, Richmond Foundation, Dar il-Kaptan, Fondazzjoni Sebħ, Mount Carmel Hospital and Community Services, Women for Women, Migrant’s Commission.