Campus Life: A list of things a student should do!

October 4, 2021 Communications

Life on the MCAST campus can be fun, energetic and fruitful. Yet, students must make sure they do a number of things in order to get the best out of their experience at MCAST. We’ve penned down a list of things that both new and continuing students should do, in order to facilitate their life on campus, settle in and enjoy every minute spent with us!

1. Make sure that you sort everything out.
When we say ‘everything’ we mean literally everything! As a new student one of the hardest challenges that you’ll face is to settle in. The faster you adapt the better you’ll perform. Make sure, that you have all matters related to your stipend sorted. If you have any issues with your stipend contact our team on this email address: They’ll be happy to help you out! If you’re still sorting out your application, or you’re in the process of changing your course be sure to contact our admissions team. You can send them an email on this address:

2. Earmark your means of transport
You don’t want to arrive late for lectures, so apply for your parking permit immediately, if you’re set on using your own car and driving to college! Apply for your parking permit through this link: parking/. Although, when possible, we urge to use a car pooling system. If you’re planning on using public transport download the ‘Tal-Linja App’ through this link: You’re going to save a lot of hassle later!

3. Tour your new Campus!
Remember to take a tour around the campus before your first lecture. You don’t want to be running around the college, feeling trapped in a maze, trying to find your class before your first lecture. You can do this during our Fresher’s Day activities, and while you’re there have a look around the stands.

4. Download all necessary material.
MCAST’s material for students is provided with the aim to help you. So don’t miss out! Start by downloading the MCAST App through this link: ‘My MCAST App’ provides various information on all services offered by the college. So if you’re stuck in any way, you’ll simply be a click away.
As a new student at MCAST it’s essential to read the newly published 2021/2022 student handbook. Hot off the digital press this guide book provides practical information regarding rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the College. Importantly, you will also find useful information regarding MCAST’s Institutes and Centers. You can access and download the handbook via this link:

5. Join the KSM
Tune in and take the initiative during your stay with us! Join MCAST’s student council and involve yourself in the college’s decision-making processes. It’s a good way to raise your concerns and provide your opinion on how we can better our services!
At the end of the day it will also help you become a pro-active individual and one which knows how to work in a team ambient. These are unique skills which will come in handy later on in your career. It’s a good thing to have them in your reference toolbox. You can contact the KSM through this email address:

6. Use the Wellbeing Hub Services when in need
There is nothing wrong with feeling over-whelmed at times. The problem gets ripe when you don’t speak out. As a college we value our students’ health and contentment. You are at the heart of everything we do at the college!
MCAST’s wellbeing hub offers a wide array of services. You may want to quit smoking, seek therapeutical advice, nutritional advice or feel the need to speak to someone in a confidential manner. Whatever the nature of the problem that burdens you, MCAST’s wellbeing hub has a team of professionals ready to listen and guide you accordingly. Don’t hesitate and if the need arises send the wellbeing hub team an email on this address:

7. Take part in extra-curricular activities outside of study
Outside college activities will help you hold your study brakes and find a balance. It’s a great way to do something you love outside of study and an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends on campus.
MCAST organizes different activities for students. For starters, why not take up some voluntary work? MCAST’s Corporate and Social Responsibility department encourages students to give something back to our society. Your take is discussed with the CSR team and they will guide you on executing your plan of action. These activities will help you grow on a personal level, and at the end of the day you’ll feel good about what you’ve done.
Your respective Institute will also be organizing a ton of activities. We urge to participate. Although an important component, campus life isn’t only about studying, but also about development, activism and engagement. As well as new activities and new friendships, making the most of opportunities beyond your academic studies or research project can equip you with a range of additional skills, many of which will support both your learning and your future employability.

Remember, that you cannot expect so much from mother luck! The trick to success rests in good preparation.
Through learning and trying new things, you’ll gain the opportunity to discover what you really want, experience new aspects and see things from a different perspective.