Clarification on Union Dispute

June 16, 2021 Communications

In a circular sent to staff members and the Student Council, the Principal and CEO, Professor Joachim James Calleja, expressed his disappointment at the Union of Teachers’ directive to delay lecturing staff from submitting to Management the students’ results in a timely and pre-planned manner.

He added that the directive seriously jeopardised the College’s hard work during this challenging year and that of the thousands of full-time students who wish to finish their studies or progress to the next level of qualifications.

The Circular clarifies the issues raised by MUT and reiterates the College’s position in favour of open dialogue in the best interest of students and lecturing staff. The healthy relationship between MUT and MCAST Management (which has prevailed throughout this academic year) is of paramount importance to both sides and, in particular, to students and lecturing staff.

Circular 151 2021 Dispute MUT