Statement of reply by MCAST

June 3, 2021 Communications

Reference is made to the statement by MUT made on 3 June 2021.

Students are at the centre of our work and our key clients. They have every right to receive results. They have faced significant challenges throughout this year when lectures have been held online. MCAST categorically denies any breach of the lecturers’ Collective Agreement. The College has been proactive in inviting the Union to settle the dispute and for students’ rights to prevail.

In his correspondence to the Union earlier today, MCAST Principal and CEO Professor Joachim James Calleja said: “It is truly unfortunate that the Union is taking such draconian measures against an educational institution which is always open for dialogue with MUT, in constant touch with you and your colleagues, negotiating in the best interest of your members”.

The Principal wrote that all outstanding issues that MUT has raised have been discussed. He considers that Directives imposed by MUT as highly disproportionate to issues raised by the Union.
He reiterated that he is “truly upset that as educators MUT takes measures to harm the students’ interest and rights (to obtain their results and, if necessary undertake their resits) when all other interests of lecturing staff have been meticulously looked into by management and addressed professionally, efficiently and effectively.”

The Principal this morning invited MUT to lift the Directives, which unfairly affect students and readdress staff issues rationally.