MCAST publishes MCASTlink issue 56

April 6, 2021 Communications

MCAST has published MCASTlink issue 56. This new edition includes the main activities and events that took place during the last few months within the College. Even though still in a pandemic the College has remained alive and active and kept on creating opportunities out of the many challenges that we are all facing.

This edition proudly presents a  major milestone and achievement for the College – namely the Engineering warrant that the MCAST Engineering graduates will now be able to receive.  Another innovation for the College was the first Research Expo that it hosted through a groundbreaking 3D virtual Expo environment whereby over two hundred fifty researchers and guests gathered within a virtual environment to discuss research.

The College conducted a new tracer study that yielded some interesting points as to which graduates are in full-time employment and which Institutes they hail from within MCAST. More details can be found within the magazine.

This edition includes a motivating read on Entrepreneurship and the importance that MCAST gives to this area of study. At MCAST, entrepreneurship education is more than an academic subject as MCAST students and alumni are provided with the opportunity to transform their innovative ideas into profitable business ventures whilst being fully supported by the MCAST Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC).

Samira Cini presents her personal experience in interesting article on her transition from a nursing student at MCAST to a graduate nurse working at hospital. She carefully describes the challenges that cropped up in the transition and how the MCAST Nursing Course prepared her for them and more.

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View here MCASTlink issue 56.