IET launches aeroplane design competition for school children

March 10, 2021 Communications

The Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) launched a design competition for primary school children in Years 4, 5 and 6.

Children are encouraged to design the colour scheme for the body and wings of a Piper Seneca aeroplane and to choose an original and attractive colour scheme that is also practical for spray painting. These will be the main criteria used to select the competition winner. The winning entry’s colour schemes will be used to spray paint an actual Piper Seneca aeroplane at MCAST. This will be done by MCAST students who are currently following a Diploma in Automotive Repair (Body and Paint).

IET Director Ing. Stephen Sammut said: “We’re excited to be launching this competition, and we know that young students will surprise us with their innovative designs. We want to engage learners of all ages as innovators and creators who will make a difference. Learners are at the centre of our work at the college.”

IET offers a range of courses at various levels leading to careers in the aviation sector. This year MCAST is launching a new Master’s course in Aerospace engineering.

Children can submit their designs by email. Open this pdf for more details for participants.