International Human Rights Day Debate

December 10, 2020 CSREvents

Today 10 December, the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) hosted a debate to mark International Human Rights Day. The event provided an opportunity for lecturers and students from the Institute of Community Services (ICS) to discuss the provision of specialized training for social care professionals on domestic violence.

The live-streamed debate was opened by Audrey Friggieri, the Commissioner on Gender-based Violence and Domestic Violence who spoke about the vital role of education in promoting wellbeing and understanding. In his address, MCAST Principal and CEO Prof Joachim James Calleja said that MCAST is committed to ensuring a zero-tolerance to violence within its community. Earlier this year a memorandum of understanding was signed with the Commission on Gender-based Violence and Domestic Violence ensuring ongoing collaboration. The partnership is based on objectives that focus on the relationship between education and the social care sector.

This live-streamed event brought to a close the16 Days of Activism campaign against genderbased violence, the human rights campaign supported by the United Nations. The ICS, in collaboration with the Commission, led this initiative through several social media messages demonstrating solidarity in eliminating all forms of violence.

The Commission’s chosen theme for this year is Mhux kull dar toffri kenn – Ħajja aħjar tibda minnek (Not every home is a haven – Reach out for the life you deserve. ICS lecturers and social work professionals came together to take a strong stand and send out messages to the community to fight physical, verbal and emotional violence, both online and offline.

Click here to see the debate that was streamed LIVE on the MCAST Official Page.

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