MCAST receives car donation

October 21, 2020 Communications



Motors Inc, the official distributor of Kia Motors in Malta, has donated a KIA OPTIMA from its range of Kia model line-up to the Malta College ofArts, Science and Technology (MCAST), for educational purpose.  The vehicle will be specifically used for the training of MCAST students in mechanics and operations participating in courses at the Institute for Engineering and Transport.

MCAST works closely with industry to ensure hands-on practice for all its students. Motors Inc has always believed in the development of students and has played an active role in facilitating training through programs and student schemes.  Indeed, Motors Inc currently has six apprentices doing following ‘on the job’ training and learning.

MCAST Principal and CEO Prof Joachim James Calleja said: “MCAST has already partnered with over 1, 800 employers and we need to keep working to empower students and prepare them for the world of work in their chosen career path. Through the Gateway to Industry arm, MCAST also offers part-time courses to meet industry needs and to provide flexible, tailor-made solutions. Our concept of industry on campus can only work when companies like Motors Inc are open to collaboration.”

According to Mr Matthew Fenech, CEO of Motors Inc, the partnership with MCAST is a smart move for students to get proper training before starting their career in this field and an opportunity for businesses to employ experienced and knowledgeable graduates at the outset of their career.

The donation was made by Mr Stephen Aquilina, General Manager, on behalf of Motors Inc. Mr Aquilina stated that this initiative will help the young upcoming technicians and engineers in their education, by keeping up to date with new vehicle technology and design.  Mr Aquilina firmly believes that this initiative will help the students to obtain a better understanding of how new technologies can be applied to the vast range of KIA vehicle models and, at the same time, have a hands-on training approach to the new cutting-edge technology. He hoped that students will have all the opportunities to get their ‘hands dirty’ when working on the Kia Optima.

“The initiative is one of the first of its kind in Malta and is a contribution that will result in a hands-on approach to budding students in the engineering sector at MCAST. These students will have the ability to pass on the expertise learned from an early age of keeping up with the latest technology in vehicles in Malta” stated Ms Laurie Pace, Marketing Manager at Motors Inc.

Worldwide, KIA Motors is actively striving to support local organisations in the communities where the company strives to contribute to their social and economic development. Motors Inc is following suit with this vision in Malta, trying to assist in raising standards and contributing to the community through their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. Mr Stephen Vella, General Manager, MCAST Gateway to Industry Ltd and Ing. Stepehen Sammut Director of the Institute of Engineering Transport were present for this event. From Motors Inc, the presentation ceremony was also attended by Mr Hubert Baldacchino (Kia Brand Manager), Mr David Dimech Consiglio (Service Manager) and Mr Karl Falzon (HR Manager).