Northumbria University Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing Studies
Course Code AS6-04-17
MQF Level Level 6
Duration 3 years full-time
Awarding Body MCAST
Fees MCAST Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences or 2 A-level passes in Biology and either English, Psychology, Sociology, or Chemistry, and 2 I-level passes (Preferred: Chemistry, Mathematics, Sociology)
Entry Requirements Applicants will be subject to an occupational health screening and values-based competitive interview to establish the suitability of candidates for nursing that will ultimatley act towards the final selection of candidates. Places on this programme are limited. Studendts must also provide evidence of a clear criminal conduct
Other Entry Requirements This Northumbria University programme offered in collaboration with MCAST provides students with the necessary competences and qualifications required to register as a nurse (level 1) in Malta and across all EU member states.

Students will pursue a minimum of 2,300 hours of theoretical and 2,300 hours of practical work (most of which is carried out on placement) as stipulated by EU directive 2005/36/EC, leading to a clinically skilled and compassionate nurse with professional values and who is fully capable of taking on accountable responsibility.

Students must successfully pass all theoretical and practical components of the course to be eligible for registration.
Course Description Dan il-program ta’ l-Universita’ ta’ Northumbria offrut b’kollaborazzjoni ma’ l-MCAST jagħti lill-istudenti l-kompetenzi u l-kwalifiċi meħtiega biex jirregistraw bħala nfermiera (ta’ l-ewwel livell) f’Malta kif ukoll fil-pajjizi membri ta’ l-Unjoni Ewropea.

L-istudenti huma meħtiega jsegwu ta’ l-anqas 2,300 siegħa ta’ taħrig teoretiku u 2,300 siegħa ta’ taħrig prattiku (li ħafna minnu jsir fuq il-post tax-xoghol) kif stipulat fid-direttiva ta’ l-UE 2005/36/EC. Dan iwassal għal infermiera li kunu klinikament imħarrġa u li juru kompassjoni, b’valuri professjonali u kapaċi jieħdu responsabiltà fi dmirijiethom.

L-istudenti jridu jgħaddu mill-eżamijiet f’kull suġġett teoretiku w prattiku biex ikunu jisghu jirreġistraw.
Study/Course Delivery Assignments, exams and any other form of summative assessment.
Assessment 1. Provide patient-centred care focused on values, ethics and patients’ needs.
2. Demonstrate professionality and promote values of caring, dignity, integrity and altruism in nursing practice
3. Demonstrate organisational, management and leadership skills in the delivery of quality nursing care
4. Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration with the intention of providing the patient with holistic care.
Programme Learning Outcomes
  1. State registered
Core Study Units
Specialist Units
Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
Optional Units
  • Lifelong learning for professional practice
  • Person centred care for nursing
  • Practice learning 1: Foundations of safe and effective practice
  • Public health in contemporary nursing
  • Care, compassion and communication in nursing practice
  • Practice learning 2: The Context of Nursing Care
  • Applied Health and Life Sciences
  • Developing and Applying Knowledge and Skills for Nursing Care
  • Practice learning 3: Advancing Skills for Safe and effective practice
  • Evidence based practice in Nursing
  • Values and principles for Nursing people in later life
  • Practice learning 4: Nursing patients with complex needs
  • Practice learning 5: Clinical decision making in clinical practice
  • Foundations of Teaching and assessing in Nursing practice
  • Leading and improving Nursing practice
  • Nursing dissertation
  • Practice learning 6: internship
Progress After Completion
Career Opportunities Masters in Nursing Studies or other related nursing areas