MCAST Advanced Diploma in IT (End User Support)
Course Code IT4-A2-15
MQF Level Level 4
Duration 2 years on apprenticeship
Awarding Body MCAST
Fees -
Entry Requirements MCAST Diploma in IT
4 SEC/O-Level passes/SSC&P (Level 3) passes
Compulsory: Mathematics and one subject from Computer Studies, Physics, BTEC IT Practitioner
Preferred: English Language
Course Description This course exposes learners to the various aspects of administering and supporting computer systems and users.

At this level, students are exposed to the fundamentals of networking, computer system maintenance and computer security. The focus of the course is on giving the learners the necessary skills to ensure the continuous operation of systems and supporting its end users.

The first year of this course will be common for all advanced diploma students. During the second year, students will be focusing on: networking and security concepts; customer relationship management; end user support; computer system maintenance.

This course includes work-related training and practice. Applicants have to be able to work within the industries concerned.
Study/Course Delivery The course is based around an in-person training by qualified lecturers and is a mix of lectures and supervised practical work both in class and in labs whenever necessary. A student is expected to dedicate a significant amount of additional self-study hours, since most of the skills require a great deal of practice to master.
Assessment Assessment of each module may be in the form of class assignments, practical labs and home projects, based on the level of work and tools required. Each assessment helps the learner to build-up a portfolio that he/she can later use when seeking employment. To complete this course a learner needs to achieve a set pass mark.
Programme Learning Outcomes
  1. Identify the ideal computer system components for a given requirement
  2. Diagnose and solve problems in computer systems and small networks
  3. Provide technical support to end users
  4. Use industry standard support tools
Core Study Units
  • 1. ITDBS-406-1501-Database Concepts & Design
  • 2. ITSYS-406-1501-Computer Systems
  • 3. ITSFT-406-1501-Fundamentals of Scripting
  • 4. ITSYS-406-1502-Operating Systems
  • 5. ITDBS-406-1502-Relational Databases
  • 6. ITWEB-406-1501- Website Design
  • 7. ITSYS-406-1503-Embedded Systems
  • 8. ITMMD-406-1501-Introduction to Multimedia Design
  • 9. ITNET-406-1501- Networking Concepts
  • 10. ITNET-406-1502- LAN Fundamentals
  • 11. ITNET-406-1503-Infrastructure Design
  • 12. ITSTY-406-1501-Computer Security
  • 13. ITSYS-406-1504-Computer Technician
  • 14. ITNET406-1504-Network Design and Administration
  • 15. ITSYS-406-1505-System Support and Customer Relation Management
  • 16. ITPRJ-406-1504-Project
  • Key Skills
  • 1. CDKSK-406-1602-Mathematics
  • 2. CDKSK-406-1604-English
  • 3. CDKSK-406-1603-Entrepreneurship
  • 4. CDKSK-406-1522-Critical Thinking
Career Opportunities IT End User Support
IT Technician
Technical Call Centre Operator