Useful Resources

What you need to do to start creating your MCAST account using your E-ID. watch the video below, which includes a commentary in the Maltese language.

After you create your MCAST Admissions Account using your E-ID, watch the video below on how to proceed further with your online application – all stages include a commentary in the Maltese language 






A quick overview on how to proceed with the application after that you create your MCAST Admission Account using your E-ID (no commentary) watch the video below.



If you are a Form B MCAST student (progressing to the next level of studies) you will find this walk-through helpful.


A guide including screenshots from Admissions Portal, explaining the various stages of the online application Click  here

Note:  These Guides / Resources make use of a Samper or a Test case as an example upon which they are based.  You would need to make use of your data and your choice of course when doing the real application… these resources are guides!