Online Application time-windows
for Admissions into Full-Time Courses
Academic Year 2022/23  (Form A – online)


First Call (online applications): Monday 18th till Friday 29th July 2022
Second Call (online applications): Monday 29th August till Monday 05th September 2022
Late Application (online applications following MATSEC Resit Results): Monday 3rd till Friday 7th October 2022  (this call is not open to EU applicants not residing in Malta at the time of the application period)
International Applications (online applications  – non-EU not residing in Malta with no Maltese active and valid EID) Monday 24th January till Thursday 30th June 2022 



Important Notes:

In all cases, when you register for the academic year 2022/23,   transfers between courses can only take place in the first two weeks of the course by not later than 17 October 2022. Only Introductory and Foundation Certificate students can transfer courses at the same level until the end of October 2022.

If you have a Maltese ID, you need to apply for an eID (as issued by Identity Malta) so that you can apply online.

If you are an international applicant (non-EU and not resident in Malta) kindly send an email to, for guidance on your application.  Please get in touch in good time before 30 June.

Kindly note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, certain travel restrictions may apply and are beyond the College’s control. Please keep updated with the latest Covid-19 regulations through the following link: