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Call for Artistic Content

Produced by MCAST. Powered by APS Bank

What is the scope of the Festival
KampuSajf is a vibrant summer festival, an immersive celebration of artistic diversity hosted by the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology. Over five summer evenings, KampuSajf permits the MCAST campus to transform into a haven for arts aficionados. The festival is intended to attract artistic individuals from various backgrounds to the stages to exhibit their work, perform captivating acts, and weave narratives that transcend boundaries.

Creating a festival on the MCAST campus strengthens a sense of belonging for the students and the staff alike. The festival also attracts the general public and the broader community to experience these campuses during the summer months.

The Festival is open to the general public, enabling those who attend to familiarise themselves with the College and experience an eclectic programme of events.

About the Festival
KampuSajf is one of the College’s main platforms that showcase artistic projects on its campus. Together with the support of APS Bank, the Festival was first set up in 2023 with the intention of offering the Maltese audience a distinctive destination for arts and culture.

This arts festival centres on Malta’s grassroots, with an emphasis on creations from the Maltese islands or by artists within the local artistic community. Since its beginning in 2023, it has provided an alternative platform for artists across diverse genres to exhibit their work.

The first version of the festival, under Stjanu Debono’s artistic directorship, KampuSajf hosted five evenings of music, theatre, audiovisual, and literature. The lineup included Zizza and Maria, Etikett by Teatru Malta & Moveo Dance Company, Jes Psaila – Hinge Project, Sean Borg, different film animations. On the final evening of the festival the amphitheatre in Mosta hosted a performance showcasing poetry by Saffo, translated by Warren Bartolo from ancient Greek to Maltese.

Mosta Campus: 23rd August and 24th August 2024
Paola Campus: 26th, 27th, and 28th August 2024

Venue Details

The first two days of the festival will be hosted at the amphitheatre in Mosta, behind the MCAST campus. This open-air venue overlooks the northern expanse of Malta. Rows of stone seats cascade down the natural slope, providing a comfortable vantage point for spectators to immerse themselves in the evening’s performances. On the last three days, the festival will be hosted on the MCAST Campus in Paola. Nestled within the heart of our campus lies the lower area, a serene space adorned with mature trees that create an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration during the summer nights.

Selection Criteria
Submissions will be assessed against the following criteria

  1. Creativity and Originality
  2. Artistic Merit
  3. Relevance and Engagement
  4. Diversity and Inclusivity
  5. Feasibility and Practicality:
  6. Alignment with Festival’ Scope

By evaluating submissions against these criteria, we aim to curate a diverse and compelling line-up of artistic content that celebrates creativity, fosters dialogue, and enriches the festival experience for all attendees.

Submission Content
-A project description of the proposed project between 200 and 500 words
-An artistic CV of the lead artist or collective proposing the project
-Any links that are relevant to the project

Deadline for Submission
This call for artistic content is launched on the 8th March 2024 and closes on the 19th April 2024 at midnight.

Submissions will be considered by the producers and decisions will be communicated by the 19th May 2024.

Submissions are to be sent to events@mcast.edu.mt