Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a Maltese ID Number, but forgot the related eID credentials?

  • In such cases, you are to contact Identity Malta Agency.   You can reach them by phone through the helpline (+356) 2590 4300 – during office hours.
  • You can also contact 153.
  • Or visit the Identity Malta Website for any further guidance and assistance you may require by following this link
  • Email: If you will be requesting a new Password, through an email that you will be sent to the EID section, you are kindly asked to provide your ID Number as well as the ID-Document Number found at the back of every ID Card.

From where do I get information about MCAST full-time courses?

  • The MCAST Prospectus 2022/23, is available on the MCAST website.  You can leaf through the digital version by visiting:
  • Further information can also be found by visiting clicking on the respective MCAST Institute you would like to study in. You can then click on the course/s you are interested in and get to know more important information, such as:
  • The exact course title which you need to use when stating which MCAST full-time course you are interested in
  • The Entry Requirements for the course – that is, the certificates/qualifications you need to have in hand, in order to be considered eligible for the course,
  • A brief description of the course, including its duration (number of years of study)
  • Other related information you will find useful about the course you would have clicked on

I want to ask for some advice about a course I am interested in. What can I do?

MCAST has a very informative and efficient Career Guidance and Advice section.  One might wish to get in touch with this Section using the following contacts:

(+356) 2398 7135       (+356) 2398 7136