Frequently asked questions

How do I apply with an organisation to carry out the community work?

You can apply by filling the online application form by accessing our website on and clicking the ‘Apply’ button. Once you apply, you will receive an automatic reply confirming that your application has been recieved.  We will then contact the organisation you have indicated and consequently inform you with the way forward.

What do I do if the organisation I wish to carry out the community work with is not on the provided NGO list?

You can still choose an organisation of your choice if this is not listed on our website.  The CSR department will then decide if the organisation you have chosen can be part of the MCAST CSR initiative.  If this is so, we will contact the organisation, add it to the already available organisation list and inform you with the way forward.  If the organisation cannot be accepted, we will contact you and help you find another one.

What type of organisations can I carry out the community work with?

You can carry out the community work with:

  • NGOs who are listed in the provided organisation list on our website;
  • NGOs who are not on the available list but are on the VO list –;
  • Local Councils;
  • Sports Associations/clubs;
  • MCAST Library;
  • MCAST CSR & Events Department.

Would an event I organise be considered as community work?

Yes, if the event/initiative is of benefit to others.  Please contact the CSR & Events department with your ideas before implementing.  Ideas such as events/initiatives within the MCAST campus will be encouraged.

Can I carry out community work from home?

Yes you can.  You would need to indicate this when applying online.  Furthermore, you would need to discuss this with the organisation of your choice.

What if I cannot carry out the community work?

You would need to discuss this with your lecturer and the CSR & Events department.  We will consider the reason and assist you accordingly.

How much time do I need to carry out the community work?

You need to carry out 20 hours of community work. You can discuss how these hours are carried out with the organisation of your choice. You can carry out the community work at any time of the week. You can carry out community work during office hours, evening and weekends depending on arrangements with the organisation. Community work cannot interfere in any way with your studies. Some organisations might  ask for a particular commitment from you while others are able to take a more flexible approach.

Can I leave if I don’t like my role?

If you’re unhappy for some kind of reason, please talk to your lecturer and to us. We will see if anything can be done to improve your situation. If you feel that something is seriously wrong, or someone is treating you badly, please talk to us immediately and we will look into the matter.

Can I carry out the community work with my family or friends?

Some opportunities are suitable for group community work eg clean ups, tree planting or car washes but this need to be organised and properly supervised. You will find information about upcoming opportunities on our website or our Facebook page ( to be kept informed. You can also carry out the community work with friends for fundraising events and collections. However you cannot carry out the community work with family members.

I feel I need some extra support – is that possible?

If you feel you need additional support in finding a suitable placement you should contact us and arrange to have a chat with us about the best options for you.

What are my rights and responsibilities?

Before you start the community work make sure that:

  • The purpose of the organisation matches your own values and beliefs;
  • Your role is clear and specific.

You are expected to:

  • Respect confidentiality and privacy;
  • be punctual and reliable;
  • adhere to the organisation’s policies and procedures;
  • ask for support when needed;
  • support other team members.

Do I need to ask the organisation where I will be carrying out the community work to sign an attendance sheet?

Yes, you need to ask the responsible person at the organisation to sign the attendance sheet indicating the dates and number of hours.  You can download the attendance sheet by clicking here  Please print the application and take it with you.

In view of the current situation relating to Covid-19, what are the health and safety measures being taken by MCAST ?

The health and safety of our community is our top priority. We know that many people are understandably concerned about the current pandemic situation. MCAST is taking increased health and safety measures to address these concerns while ensuring that learning can continue. As the situation continues to develop, please stay updated by visiting for the latest information. You can also visit the circulars section for all the official messages sent to staff and students.

None of these FAQs answers my question, what do I do now?

If we haven’t covered your question please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Our contact details are:

Richard Curmi – Director CSR & Events – 23987260/79250570

Noel Muscat – Manager CSR & Events – 23987267

Generic email –