Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Course Title: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Data Sciences
Course Code: IT6-A08-23


Course details

Mode: Apprenticeship
The degree in Applied Data Sciences is designed for individuals who are interested in utilizing data to solve complex challenges in various fields. With a focus on applied methodology, analytical skills, and hands-on experience, students will learn how to use advanced analytical tools and techniques to uncover hidden trends and patterns that can lead to business success. The programme covers a range of topics related to software engineering, data organization, and data analysis using the latest technologies in business intelligence, reporting, machine learning, and big data. In addition, the degree includes a strong emphasis on text mining and natural language processing (NLP), which are key tools for extracting insights from unstructured data.

The program also covers critical thinking skills, building strategies for promoting businesses, understanding consumer behaviour, computational linguistics and the laws governing business processes. A work-based component provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable industry experience and learn from real-world professionals. At the end of the programme, students will undertake a research component in the form of a dissertation. The degree is ideal for individuals who are passionate about leveraging technology to drive business performance and make data-driven decisions.

MQF Level: 6
Duration: 3 Years Full-time
Entry requirements: MCAST Advanced Diploma in IT
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Marketing
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Insurance
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Financial Services
MCAST Advanced Diploma in Finance and Insurance
2 A-Level passes and 2 I-Level passes
Compulsory A-Level: Computing or Mathematics or Accounting or Economics or Marketing
Applicants with a good working knowledge of Computing, Mathematics and Business related subjects will benefit from a more positive learning experience throughout the course.


Other entry requirements: Experience in a programming language would be considered an asset.
Career opportunities: Data Analyst, Business Analyst

Data Scientist, Data Engineer*,Machine Learning Engineer*,Big Data Engineer*,Data Architect,Data Mining Engineer*,Data Visualization Specialist

*The term Engineer shall not carry or imply the meaning attributed to the term “Engineer” in Article 2 of the Engineering Profession Act (Chapter 321 of the Laws of Malta)

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